I have the pleasure of advising and guiding a diverse team of graduated students. The Analog Mixed Signal (AMS) Lab is an enriching and engaging environment which I have worked to diligently to maintain. Our lab hosts anywhere between 6-9 researchers which are engaged in developing new ideas to solve challenging problems in the area of mixed signal integrated circuit design. We promote a culture of collaboration and as such have an open floor plan with desks lining the perimeter of our lab and a central meeting area where technical and leisure conversations commonly take place.


Design and Simulation Servers. Students which join our lab will get access to powerful simulation servers and industry accepted tools like Cadence and Simulink which allows them to become proficient design engineers.

Testing Lab. Lab members also get access to thousands of dollars worth of test equipment that may be used for experiments, debugging, and post-silicon verification.


Seasoned Design Mentors. Perhaps, the most valuable resource available to any incoming lab member is the availability of senior graduate students and researchers which can guide junior members.